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Dogs as well as many other animals enjoy Reiki. In many ways dogs suffer from similar illnesses as us humans and Reiki can be used to help ease these conditions just as with people.

Dogs respond very well to Reiki, they seem to sense that humans are helping them. During a Reiki session even the liveliest of dogs usually become calm and relaxed. Most animals are very intuitive and so although you can’t explain to them what Reiki is they can sense there is something positive there that’s not harmful to them. With the potential to complement prescribed medication and help reduce all kinds of pain and helping to speed up the body’s natural healing process, which can be useful following an accident or recovery from surgery. Dogs suffer from stress, fears, anxiety and depression just as humans do. Reiki can help instil calm, letting go of tension or anxiety, reducing the feelings of stress.

Reiki can strengthen the Immune System, it can ease muscle tension, it can energise and balance, it can promote pain relief, it can help relieve stress and anxiety, it can help cause deep relaxation as well as increase recovery from injury.